Chinese art is visual art that, both ancient and modern, originated or practiced in China or by Chinese artists. The first "art of the stone age" dates back to 10,000 BC, mostly consisting of simple ceramics and sculptures. After this early period, Chinese art, like Chinese history, is typically classified by the succession of reigning dynasties of Chinese emperors, most of which lasted several hundred years. Much of the work in pottery, textiles, carved lacquers and other techniques was produced over a long period by the various imperial factories or workshops, which in addition to being used by the court was distributed internally and abroad on a large scale to enrich wealth and power of the emperors. On the contrary, the tradition of ink painting, practiced mainly by scholars and court painters, especially of landscapes, flowers and birds, has developed aesthetic values ​​depending on the individual imagination and the objective observation of the artist similar to those of the West, but long pre-dated their development there.