Original Woodblock Print Utagawa Yoshitsuna (active ca. 1848–1868) - Japan

Original Woodblock Print Utagawa Yoshitsuna (active ca. 1848–1868) - Japan

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Original woodblock print - Paper - Utagawa Yoshitsuna (act. ca. 1848-68) - Actor Onoe Kikugorô IV (?) with Masks of Fukusuke and Fukujo - Japan - 1858 (Ansei 5)

Size: high 36cm, wide 26cm

Utagawa Yoshitsuna (active ca. 1848–1868), entitled At the Hour of the Horse on the 8th Day of the 5th Month, People Born in Earth and Water Signs Enter a Lucky Cycle (Gogatsu yôka uma no koku dosei suisei no hito uke ni iru)

Object Literature: Ex Lyon & Turnbull, previously from the collection of Arthur Halcrow Verstage. Arthur Halcrow Verstage (1875-1969) was an architect who spent much of his career in the public sector. He was a student at the Royal Academy School of Architecture in the 1900s and was elected as an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1902. By 1903 he was a student and assistant at the Central School of Arts and Crafts (later known as the Central School of Art and Design) in London where William Lethaby was principal and a great influence on him. He then oversaw the design of the new school in Southampton Row from 1905-8. From here he became an architect for London County Council and was involved with many London societies, and as a founding member of the Kelmscott Fellowship, a forerunner to The William Morris Society. His large and varied collection was a reflection of his wide interest in the arts. His archive was purchased by The William Morris Society in 2005.