How to Read Buddhist Art - Kurt A. Behrendt

How to Read Buddhist Art - Kurt A. Behrendt

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Discover the vibrant tapestry of Buddhist art with "How to Read Buddhist Art." Delve into fifty-four exquisite masterpieces from The Met collection, each revealing the transcendent journey of the Buddha across Asia's diverse landscapes. From the serene plains of India to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, explore how these artworks transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, embodying the timeless essence of Buddhist philosophy.

Unveil the intricate symbolism behind reliquaries, divine bodhisattvas, and revered teachers as you journey through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Japan, and beyond. This concise yet enriching overview provides essential iconographic insights, offering readers a deeper appreciation of how artists skillfully encapsulate the profound teachings of Buddhism. Immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of Buddhist art and unlock the secrets of its enduring legacy.

Published by MET 2019

136 pages 

110 Illustrations