Wonderful Jade Pendant - Burma - XX c
Wonderful Jade Pendant - Burma - XX c

Wonderful Jade Pendant - Burma - XX c

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Wonderful Pendant - Pure Jade (grade A) - ALGT certificate (Antwerp) - Burma - 20th century

Natural Pure Translucent Grade A-Jade jadeite RuYi Pendant, without any artificial dyeing, send with the ALGT certificate.

Size 45.03mm high, 30.98mm wide, 5.95 mm deep - 75.14 carat

Jadeite- jade indicates the natural jadeite without undergoing any artificial treatment, alteration or enhancement. Such a kind of natural jadeite does not change with the passage of time.

Object literature:  Jadeite is the principal mineral making up the most valuable form of jade, a precious stone particularly prized in China. Most gem-quality jadeite jade comes from northern Myanmar. Jade tools and implements have been found at Stone Age sites, showing that the mineral has been prized by humans since before the beginning of written history. The Chinese especially valued jadeite and have used the gemstone for multiple purposes. First, jadeite gems are said to possess health-strengthening abilities and improve longevity. Jadeiteare said to protect the wearer and absorb negative energy. According to feng shui, jadeite can influence not only health, but prosperity.

Object history: Bought from a Belgian gallery.