Thangka Vajradhara Tibet XIX-XXth c.
Thangka Vajradhara Tibet XIX-XXth c.

Thangka Vajradhara Tibet XIX-XXth c.

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19/20th Century Rare Vajradhara Thangka from Drepung Monastery, Tibet

Size: 79cm high, 56cm wide

Very Good condition.

Very beautiful mid 19th century Vajradhara (the Vajra Holder) thangka. In the centre of the thangka Vajradhara in the traditional blue colour with hands crossed on his chest holding two dorje (vajra embracing gesture). On the top from left is Amoghasidhi Buddha (Almighty Conqueror), in the middle is Amitabha Buddha (Infinite Light ) and at the right side is sitting Vairocana Buddha (Embodiment of Light). In the bottom of the tangka two standing lamas.

Object literature: Vajradhara, Buddha (Tibetan: dor je chang, sang gye. English: The Vajra Holder, Enlightened One). He is considered a secret emanation of Skakyamuni Buddha. According to the Kagyu lineage, Buddhā Vajradhāra is the primordial Buddha, the Darmakhaya Buddha. He is depicted as dark blue in color, expressing the quintessence of buddhahood itself and representing the essence of the historical Buddha's realization of enlightenment, he is also considered the progenitor of the Vajrayana system of Buddhism from whom are said to have evolved the five Dhyani-Buddhas. 

Object history: From a Tibetan collection dating back to before 1950.